Unique design meets planning sophistication
Unusual architectural ideas are demanding from a planning perspective and sometimes cannot be implemented immediately. So it's all the more exciting when architects and engineers enter into a creative exchange and develop realisable and equally impressive structures from a situation of conflicting priorities. This is exactly what has happened with the new entrance to the Messe Düsseldorf buildings. The glass foyer with floating conference area and the exhibition centre canopy formed of rhomboidal diamond shapes is a real visual highlight, as is the 75m-wide, column-free exhibition hall.

The new entrance area simultaneously delivers the desired functionality for the subsequent operation of one of the most successful international exhibition centres in Europe.
The exhibition centre canopy underwent the most intensive development during the planning phase: The original design of irregular honeycombs filled with air had to make way for a more uniform rhomboidal diamond structure in conjunction with a membrane-like material. The uniqueness of the 150m-long roof structure reflects a successful symbiosis of architecture and structural planning.

BIM for infrastructure construction
Unlike with structural engineering, the level of experience gained using BIM for infrastructure construction is not yet as extensive. The fundamental difference to structural engineering is the use of space curves in infrastructure planning. Using pilot projects such as the Frankenschnellweg tunnel construction project in Nuremberg, Schüßler-Plan is currently establishing the specific characteristics of – and developing solutions for – infrastructure planning using BIM. Our BIM film offers an initial impression of the opportunities that this digital, cooperative planning method is opening up.



1st prize in international competition for Karowa Bridge in Warsaw
Together with the London-based architects DKFS, Schüßler-Plan won the competition against international opposition for a pedestrian and cycle bridge in Warsaw. The 460-metre-long steel construction suspension bridge creates a new connection between the old town and the right bank of the Vistula. The jury stated: “The bridge has a modest and unusually elegant design and blends seamlessly into the existing city and landscape.The designers have tried to create an original and unique look, but manage at the same time not to compete with the distinctive nearby buildings […].”


Schüßler-Plan Dialogue

In 2018 we celebrate our 60th company anniversary and by doing so 60 years of tradition, innovation and engineering excellence. Founded in 1958 by structural engineer Willi Schüßler the company now has become one of Germany's leading engineering consultancy companies with more than 800 employees, 21 offices in Germany and abroad and a 360-degree spectrum.
Our slogan "60 Years of Planning the Future" is at the same time promise and commitment in order to provide sustainable, state of the art engieering services.


The Düsseldorf underground railway system has been awarded by the BDA, the Association of German Architects. We congratulate netzwerkarchitekten and are delighted about the juries' statement which praised the integrated planning approach of the large-scale infrastructural project. Its realisation has been exemplary in terms of urban, architectural, structural, technical and financial respects.

Plan # 9 focuses on special services Schüßler-Plan provides in favour of an overarching project succes. Find out about how Schüßler-Plan supports the different protagonists in all fields of construction in reference to selected projects.

The awards ceremony took place on Friday, 18th of August 2017 at the guest house of  RWTH Aachen University. Annika Emmerichs und Andreas Volz are the laureats of 2017 and have been awarded with 5.000 € each for their studies abroad.