Keeping our Sights on the Big Picture

Environmental Planning and Surveying

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Environmental and Landscape Planning

The central task of environmental and landscape planners at Schüßler-Plan is to give reasonable and legally secure consideration to environmental aspects in modern mobility planning. The focus here is on impacts on the habitats of protected species, human health, the sparing use of land as a protected resource and implementation of the Water Framework Directive as well as on the requirements of the FFH (Fauna Flora Habitat) Directive.

We keep our sights on the big picture. Our experts manage a wide diversity of conflicting objectives which flow into an environment friendly plan. As engineers and scientists, we offer advice on the concerns of nature and the environment in all planning phases.

Our performance spectrum at a glance:

  • Environmental compatibility studies
  • Landscape conservation plans 
  • FFH-Compatibility tests
  • Faunistic planning area analyses, special faunistic studies
  • Landscape conservation planning 
  • Object and free space planning 
  • Environmental construction supervision 
  • BIM in the landscape planning 


We use the latest technical equipment to survey terrain marker points and structural forms, boundaries, contour lines and topography. We use this as the basis for many decisions for a wide variety of different construction projects. Digital terrain models (DTM) map all the relevant data and details.

Our team offers you competent advice on all surveying matters. They also plan and execute site surveys. This includes draft surveying in the baseline and planning phases as well as surveying services for preparing and accompanying construction measures, such as preparatory staking out, definition and their continuous updating. The range of surveying services also covers monitoring and control in the construction execution phase. Our experts generate road layout maps as part of building stock documentation, assume the production of construction execution documents and survey the building stock.

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