Compliant with DIN 1076 and VDI-Guidelines

Structural Inspection and Maintenance

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Testing and Maintenance to Ensure Long-Term Safety

Although they are planned and built for a long service life, buildings are not rigid structures. Site analyses, refurbishment plans, building inspections and maintenance are needed over the entire life span of a building to retain the economic efficiency and safety of a building and to identify and prevent damage in good time. In civil engineering, this is conducted according to DIN 1076 and in structural engineering according to VDI guidelines.

Static calculations are reviewed by Dr Wolfgang Roeser. As verification engineer and officially accredited expert for verifying the stability of structures and specialist in solid construction, he is a competent consultant at your disposal. Dr Roeser conducts examinations independently pursuant to regional building regulations for his own account and on his own responsibility.

Resource-Conserving Handling of Existing Structures

Our recommendations are tailored to a project’s requirements and they are based on many years of experience in structural and civil engineering, structural physics and geotechnical engineering. Consequently, we analyse structures for possible dynamic effects or vulnerabilities and conduct in-situ measurements on the structure. Structures (especially bridges) are recalculated to evaluate their structural condition and remaining useful life. Depending on the results, we plan corrective measures and/or construction measures through to replacement structures. This is an interface that bears a high level of responsibility. Therefore, our recalculations include an intensive civil engineering analysis of the existing structure. A reliable and responsible statement on how to handle the existing structure is based on identifying the possible system reserves and the evaluation and integration of damage.

Schüßler-​Plan also possesses the RAL certificate for “Planning of the maintenance of concrete structures” which indicates that the quality of our planning work and services is constantly monitored by an independent body.

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