Integrated. Digital. In Partnership.

Corporate Strategy

Our claim: We want to be the preferred address for our clients and employees. This is linked to a number of strategic factors and decisions: the cornerstones of our strategy are highly qualified integrated engineering services at the latest state of the art, maximum client and staff orientation and a Germany-wide presence.

We Focus on: Our Clients and Staff

Our corporate activities centre on our clients and on the question how we can continue to develop our service portfolio, our structures and processes, and our know-how for the client’s benefit. Our 360° service portfolio combines resources, creates synergy and produces a higher level of understanding when it comes to the interdisciplinary nature of projects. Our 22 office locations guarantee proximity to our clients and fast on-site availability. The quality of our engineering services and our project success are mainly due to the knowledge and skills of our staff. Consequently, we attach great importance to the continuous training of our experts and promote a lively, creative and flexible working environment.

The day we stop thinking and acting as entrepreneurs, we will only be just another engineering services provider.

Growth, Integration, Innovation

Over the past few years, we have sustained very strong growth both in our portfolio and our workforce. However, despite all our growth we have succeeded in maintaining our independence. Today, we are an active player on the German market with over 1,000 employees at 21 locations and one office in Warsaw. The main duty of our executive management is to convey and share our culture, values and know-how at all locations and to transform a shared concept of Schüßler-Plan into reality. We are convinced that a shared knowledge base and shared creativity promote the innovative capability of our company. We create the structures and freedom of action to achieve this with facilities such as the Schüßler-Plan Academy, the intranet and forums for specialist fields.

Digital Transformation

Another current strategic focus is the digital transformation of our company. Our "Digital Newtorking" department ensures we continue to expand and optimise our digital work and planning processes in order to offer our clients tailor-made digital solutions. At the same time, we train our entire team to be able to face the digital future in the planning industry – and beyond.

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Human Being, Know-​how, Future

Our aim is to proactively create our own future and a built environment in the best possible way and as ecologically as possible. To achieve this, we need the best people in their profession – then we give them responsibility and appreciation and the freedom to pursue their individual growth. Our strategy is equally based on continuous advances in our engineering know-how and sustained development of our human resources. This also includes the fact that we have integrated the next generation of the owner family in our corporate management.

Values and Responsibility

A Question of Attitude

We are aware that the best ideas and solution concepts do not always originate by sitting at a desk. This is why we rely on a lively working environment based on curiosity, communication and trust and on a high degree of independence and personal responsibility.

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