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How is construction site start-up, supply and disposal organised? Where are the cranes positioned? What is the optimal construction workflow? The answers to these questions are often complex, especially in densely populated inner-city areas or construction between existing buildings. Advance holistic construction logistics planning includes the interfaces between planning and execution and takes into account internal requirements for project implementation and the requirements of outside third-parties. Construction logistics is a cross-sectional task which meets the needs of all project players.

We look after all construction logistics issues on your construction site: This covers planning of the construction workflow, taking into account diverse construction levels, producing the concept for the site facilities on the entire construction site including all transport and movement areas, and developing individual concepts for execution and the required safety issues. Our construction site logistics planning is rounded off by networked, cross-disciplinary general and detailed planning.

Professional support planning for construction site logistics is a vital factor to achieve a successful and cost-efficient implementation of the overall project. It optimises processes that take place on the construction site and makes a significant contribution to a smooth construction workflow.

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