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Europacity Berlin

Project Development and Development Concept

Development Concept of Europacity Berlin

To the north of Berlin's main railway station lies an area of approx. 40 ha belonging to a former freight yard. In the south it borders on the main railway station, to the west on railway facilities, to the north on Perleberger Strasse and to the east on the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal. It is divided in a north-south direction by Heidestrasse (B 96). The brownfield site is to be redeveloped into an urban district with a variety of uses, such as residential, work, culture and leisure. The utilisation concept foresees that traffic should be made compatible with the surrounding area and the district is to receive attractive green and open spaces in addition to modern buildings.

The district development is promoted by the Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt (Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment), the Mitte district office of Berlin, CA Immo, Deutsche Bahn and Quartier Heidestrasse GmbH. The overall project consists of six subunits:


  • The art campus in the south of the site
  • Heidestrasse as main traffic artery
  • A development area to the west of Heidestrasse
  • A development area to the east of Heidestrasse
  • The promenade along the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal and
  • The north port park in the north of the site

The quality of the development areas is enhanced by attractive city squares.

CA Immo is developing the eastern part of the site located between Heidestrasse and the Berlin-Spandau shipping canal. The Art Campus to the south of the CA Immo site is a cultural location that includes the museum in the Hamburg railway station. To the north, this site is bordered by a green corridor which is also used for access. In the northerly direction, two predominantly residential districts adjoin, separated from each other by an attractive town square. The residential districts are each connected to Heidestrasse by a ring road. Another access road connects the dense development north of Invalidenstrasse at Europaplatz (north) to the existing Heidestrasse.

Quartier Heidestrasse GmbH is developing the western part of the site located between Heidestrasse and the tracks of the north-south railway. To the north of Minna-Cauer Strasse up to Perleberger Strasse, an attractive residential and commercial district is being created in a central location in Berlin. The district is accessed by a ring road which is connected to Heidestrasse in the north and in the south. The development is supplemented by a pedestrian and cyclist path connection from Ringstrasse to the Döberitz green corridor and three other path connections to Heidestrasse.

The project is financed by each of the project developers, whereby funding from the community task "Improvement of the Regional Economic Structure" (GRW) is used to create the public green areas and open spaces.

Project Data


Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt
CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
Quartier Heidestraße GmbH



Technical Specifications

Total length: approx. 1.3 km
Main cross-section: 2 lanes of 2.75 m, 2 parking strips of 2 m, 2 footpaths of 4.75 m. Total 19 m

Services Schüßler-Plan

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Transportation planning
  • Development planning

Project Management

  • Project control
  • Cost and schedule management

Construction Management

  • Site management
  • Construction and site supervision
  • Health and safety coordination

Construction Logistics

  • Construction work scheduling
  • Scheduling
  • Construction site facilities and site use management
  • Supply and disposal

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