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Geotechnical Engineering

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Integral Planning of the Subsoil

An advance geotechnical examination of the subsoil is often underestimated although it is of vital significance for the cost-efficient implementation of the overall project. We support you in all geotechnical engineering matters with the aim of minimising the subsoil risk – from subsoil investigations and foundation consulting through to soil mechanical laboratory tests and subsoil control tests. We offer integrated consulting and planning based on existing standards and relating to the technical disciplines of demolition and dismantling planning, earthworks, foundation and special ground engineering.

Essential for Calculating Overall Costs

Precise information about the site soil is essential to calculate overall project costs. The cost-efficient surveying of the ground requires detailed knowledge of soil composition and any retaining structures that may be required. Our ground consulting combines subsoil assessment, soil mechanics and supporting structure planning as well as the know-how of our geologists and civil engineers. At the Geological Engineering Competence Centre, they work closely together with specialists and nationally accredited experts from our subsidiaries ICG and Reducta to achieve the highest possible level of geotechnical expertise and quality.

"Projects involving complex building constructions as well as complex soil and ground conditions require creative solutions with optimised building costs."

Michael Stahl, Schüßler-Plan, Managing Director, ICG

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