Europaviertel U5 Metro Line

Frankfurt am Main

Extension of the U5 metro line

The Europaviertel project is located on the Gründerzeit extension ring around Frankfurt's city centre in the immediate vicinity of the main railway station. It runs between the districts of Bockenheim and Westend in the north and the Gallusviertel in the south. The extension of the U5 metro line also part of the efficient development of the Europaviertel. The project involves the construction of a new double-track metro line as an extension of the B line which is to be used by the U5 line (Frankfurter Berg - Preungesheim - Konstablerwache - Hauptbahnhof - Europaviertel).

The planned metro route has a total length of approximately 2,700 m and in the first section runs underground under existing buildings. The route is above ground along the Europa-Allee except for the underground crossing under the Europagarten. The design scope of Schüßler-Plan includes:


  • Construction using the tunnelling method for a new inner-city tunnel with two tubes 850 m long
  • Construction of a new 2.7 km metro line
  • Modification of existing traffic areas
  • Construction of a new underground station
  • Construction of three new above-ground stations
  • Construction of a new 180 m long tunnel section using the cut and cover method
  • Construction of a new ramp 123 m long

The new underground metro line connects to an existing underground metro structure built in 1978 under the “Platz der Republik”. The link to the existing infrastructure entails solving extensive design and construction challenges over and beyond the technical issues of special ground engineering and tunnel construction: New standards and standard systems are imposed on existing installations and they must be extended to obtain a new functional network. For example, it must be clarified how far the technical equipment of the new underground section, designed according to the latest guidelines, must be integrated into the existing structure and from which point onwards the existing structure can be retained. Urban standards, some of which are decades old, must be updated due to the implementation of the new construction project.  

Tunnelling work started in September 2019 on the two new 850 metre long underground tubes in the first section. Since then, the tunnelling machine has been working non-stop.

Project Data


Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH


Frankfurt am Main

Technical Specifications

Route length: 2.7 km

Services Schüßler-Plan

Building Construction and Structural Design

  • Structural design (building construction)
  • Building construction and structural design (civil engineering and traffic facilities)
  • Feasibility studies
  • (Structural) fire protection

Transportation Infrastructure

  • Transportation planning
  • Traffic analysis
  • Traffic consulting
  • Traffic engineering studies
  • Development planning
  • Microsimulation
  • E-mobility concepts/ public transport concepts
  • Construction work scheduling / running time calculation

Project Management

  • Project lead
  • Project control
  • Project controlling
  • Cost and schedule management
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Quality management
  • Economic feasibility studies/benefit-cost analysis
  • Finance management
  • Technical due diligence
  • Contracting management oder tendering management

Construction Management

  • Site management
  • Construction and site supervision
  • Contract, claim and quality management
  • Abutting property owner management and PR management
  • Commissioning management

Construction Logistics

  • Construction work scheduling
  • Scheduling
  • Production concepts
  • Construction site facilities and site use management
  • Supply and disposal
  • Safety concepts

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Special civil engineering
  • Demolition and dismantling planning
  • Soil analysis and foundation consulting
  • Soil mechanics, earthwork and soil engeneering
  • Environmental engineering: construction and industry
  • Subsoil investigations
  • Soil mechanics laboratory tests
  • Earth engineering control tests

Structural testing and maintenance

  • Inventory analysis
  • Recalculations

Environmental Planning and Surveying

Stadtbahnlinie U5 Frankfurt Europaviertel U-Bahn

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Stadtbahnlinie U5 Frankfurt Europaviertel U-Bahn

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U5 Europaviertel

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Stadtbahn U5 Frankfurt

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