Values and Responsibility

Corporate philosophy

Our attitude – that is to say, our values – is the source of our promise of quality which we firmly adhere to in all of our strategic and operational decisions. 

The sustainability of our services stems from offering high quality.

Our staff forms the basis of our know-how and the knowledge of our staff is our most important competitive factor. We deploy our know-how and our competencies to ensure progress in every project. As our know-how is spread among many people, we bring areas of competence together so that our clients have precisely the range of expertise at their disposal that best suits their project requirements.

Founded in 1958, we base our success on over 60 years of engineering activities, competence and experience. Continuity also means that many of our clients have placed their trust in our technical expertise and reliability for many years and, in some cases, several decades. This explains why more than 50% of our orders are follow-up orders.

In our understanding, engineering is a design service that is in demand in every performance phase or in consulting and management processes. It makes possible what is seemingly impossible and brings formal shape or aesthetics to what is regarded as a minor priority. Our creativity is the result of a fascination for the technically feasible and the economically viable.

We view integrated engineering services as an incentive to “think outside the box” and break new ground. We think in all directions and our work is interdisciplinary with the aim of finding the right innovative solution for a project.

We work together in partnership based on mutual trust – both inside and outside the company – and foster open and cross-sector dialogue. What counts for us is overall success for all parties involved.

Quality Management

We have been certified since 2002 and have been continuously developing our organization and processes ever since.
System Management Certificate of the Schüßler-Plan Group

What we achieve today will affect society tomorrow. We are well aware of this responsibility and are more than prepared to face the entrepreneurial, ecological and social challenges.

Buzzword, magic word, non-word It is certainly a bit of everything. Another certainty is that we cannot tackle present and future challenges without sustainable thinking, action and planning. Environmental impacts, the scarcity of resources, the increase in motorisation and congested infrastructures need alternative concepts and technologies. Both locally and globally. As a member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), we have integrated the concept of holistic planning in the same vein as our responsibility towards ecology, economy, our staff and present and future generations.

Continuity. Consistency. Communicativeness. Based on DIN EN ISO 9001 and an internal quality management system. Schüßler-​Plan was first certified in 2002. Since then, the company has continuously developed its organisation and processes, both as a basis and expression of our high planning and service approach and a method of controlling our company group. We conduct an annual audit of our performance areas and the associated structures. For more efficiency, more quality and more success.

Our quality policy aims at:

  • the continuous development and improvement of our services
  • utmost satisfaction of our clients
  • well-trained and well-informed staff
  • proactive environmental protection and the resource-conserving use of raw materials
  • providing the general public with information

The future needs education and training. We feel committed to this simple globally valid truth. Internally, we focus our social commitment on our further training programme, the Schüßler-​Plan Academy and two external training programmes. Besides selected culture projects, we support the children and youth village in Eltville-​Erbach and the non-selective secondary school in Düsseldorf. In addition, our annual Schüßler Award supports civil engineering students at the RWTH Technical University of Aachen in the form of a scholarship for one semester abroad. The Schüßler Award is conferred on students who not only demonstrate outstanding academic achievements but also show outstanding commitment and personality. We also offer interns, students and student trainees the opportunity to obtain their first insights and sound practical experience in the civil engineering sector depending on their level of training (also as part of a dual course of study).

Our compliance guidelines stipulate the long-term concepts and ethical principles that apply within the Schüßler-Plan Group. Our business paradigm is based on the mindset of succeeding in a competitive market exclusively by quality and performance. A key component of our corporate philosophy is based on our compliance guidelines which include the values of responsibility, transparency, integrity and loyalty. These values define our rules of engagement with competitors, service providers and subcontractors as well as our business partners and our own staff. Each employee is acquainted with our codes of conduct which include the obligation to uphold the applicable law. Regular audits ensure compliance. On the other hand, the shareholders are responsible for reviewing and enhancing our compliance system.

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