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Further technical training and personality development

Our Schüßler-Plan Academy offers our staff an internal further training programme which goes far beyond the mere continuous updating of technical knowledge. The programme is basically designed in two stages. During the first four years of employment, it provides young professionals with technical further training. Later, the focal points switch to personality development, communication, management, leadership and business behaviour.

We can only survive on the market if our staff gradually becomes faster and better. Ultimately, well qualified staff will ensure the innovative capability and market position of Schüßler-Plan.

Bernd Wagenbach, Managing Director of Schüßler-Plan

Corporate philosophy, motivation and knowledge transfer

The Academy’s objectives and purpose are: to disseminate our corporate philosophy, motivate our staff and safeguard our high quality standards. The Academy is integrated at all Schüßler-Plan locations and its programme involves both in-house and external trainers. Training courses take place in presence at fixed times but can be offered as e-learning seminars at any time. Ideas for the Academy programme and training needs frequently originate from personal talks with our staff. The programme syllabus covers the requirements of all disciplines, planning, project and construction management as well as software applications. The seminars cover examples of best practice projects as well as guidelines and technical changes. The principal objective is to train engineering know-how and establish the current state of the art at all locations. 

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