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Maximum efficiency

Digital collaboration

Cloud systems, virtual team rooms and offices, social networks, our Social Intranet and collaboration tools are helping our company locations throughout Germany to grow closer together. All this results in more active, intense and sustainable collaboration between company locations so that core competencies at any one location can be requested quickly and effectively.

A common basis

Digital collaboration is facilitated by learning and sharing basic know-how and understanding on how to use the technology. We therefore promote modern and high-quality further training as the principle means of applying and disseminating knowledge and information. By integrating training content in a modern e​Learning system, we create the basis for our staff, clients and partners to learn about the technological possibilities and procedures, irrespective of location.

Cloud-based working simplifies collaboration and avoids duplication of effort and sources of error. Increasing efficiency along the entire project processing chain.


Digital project work

We are also increasing our reliance on collaboration and cooperation provided by cloud systems, BIM and associated technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, 5G and robotics.  For example, in the sphere of BIM planning, we implement your projects in conjunction with in-house developed software solutions, such as our "plan-​it” CDE or our "IBN-​DOKU" software for digital commissioning control.

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