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Schüßler-Plan Inżynierzy Sp. z o.o.


With our relatively young team, we have made a positive impact on co-shaping the ‘Lebensraum Stadt' (Living in the City) initiative while ensuring high aesthetic and functional standards.


The Warsaw office was founded in 2007 at the same time as the kick-off for the “Warsaw North Bridge” project. The project is a good example of the main activities at the Warsaw location: acting as general planner for complex infrastructure measures.

Besides projects for urban and rural road infrastructure, the location’s activities involve the planning of railway facilities, urban railway projects and civil engineering works. In particular, planning the bridges over the Weichsel river in Poland is closely linked to the history of our location. We also provide support to German locations in the fields of building construction and civil engineering.

Nordbrücke Warschau
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In Poland it is normal for planners to assume the function of general planner. This is not only the case for infrastructure planning projects but also for the planning of buildings where we coordinate overall planning. We then invite architects and industrial planners to work on our planning team. Our team of landscape architects has taken part in design and implementation competitions with some success. Although our catchment area is very large since it covers the whole territory of Poland, we plan a large number of our projects from our offices in Warsaw. The Polish capital is very dynamic and is undergoing a rapid pace of change.Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Stein, Managing Director

© Krzysztof Kania

© Krzysztof Kania


Al. Jerozolimskie 96
00-807 Warszawa

Phone +48 (22) 419 14 00  warszawa@schuessler-plan.com

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Managing Director: 
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Stein
Mgr inż. Piotr Piotrkowicz

Executive Board:
Mgr ekon. Ewa Chudzicka 

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