Frankfurt Airport Flughafen PTS
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PTS-Station Terminal 1

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt Airport Flughafen PTS
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New PTS station at Terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport

The Passenger Transport System (PTS) at Terminal 1 is part of the overall project "Airport Expansion Frankfurt/Main" and connects the existing Terminals 1 and 2 to the new Terminal 3 on the south side of the airport. The system is designed to ensure smooth fast transfers between terminals separated by two runways and to the regional and long-distance railway station. As a first visible measure, part of the bridge to the Sheraton Hotel will be demolished to make room for the new platform to be built for the long-distance railway station.

The special ground engineering work will be carried out within a narrow time window with restricted times for Deutsche Bahn. Here, a platform width of only 2.5 m is available to install small bored piles. For the central development of Hall B, a 12 m long wall slab is to be constructed in the lower levels to transfer loads right through the highly frequented access between the shopping mall, the regional railway station and Terminal 1. In addition to the necessary refurbishment of the mall, retail areas will also be remodelled.

The new station building itself essentially consists of the platform of the island platform, where the north and south bound trains of the new PTS system stop, and an offset connecting corridor. A footbridge connects the Sheraton Hotel to the island platform of the long-distance railway station and to the connecting corridor. Two other footbridges extend from the connecting corridor, one northwards to the long-distance railway station and one southwards to Terminal 1. A new bus station with 10 bus stops will be built next to the PTS station.

Schüßler-Plan assumes the technical project control management

The project requires six building permit applications for above ground and below ground construction. In addition, the project must also take into account water law issues, specifications of the Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and guidelines of the Tramway Construction and Operation Regulations (BOStrab). The primary goal is to implement the construction measures with as little disruptive impact as possible on clients and their operations. The project management company Flughafenausbau Frankfurt Main (PFF) under the technical direction of Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft was commissioned to manage the complex infrastructure project.

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