Creative Blocks HafenCity
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Creative Blocks HafenCity


Engineering solutions for future living and working

The "Creative Blocks" project in Hamburg's HafenCity is a building complex with a special mix of residential and work forms in a relatively small space (approx. 26,000 m² GFA). The "Manufakturwerk" on the east side of the construction site offers space for crafts and urban production as well as for events and functions. On the western part of the building site, the concept of "co-living" will create living space to allow residents the privacy of their own flats and at the same time allow them to experience a diverse neighbourly community. A "creative floor" serves as a communal area on the promenade to Baakenhafen. The different buildings were designed by three architectural firms, each emphasising the different uses in their architectural designs.

Schüßler-Plan is responsible for the excavation pit, structural design and building physics of the project. All buildings will meet the highest sustainability standards and comply with the HafenCity Gold Ecolabel.

Diverse forms of use require an individual supporting structure

The buildings including the basement are designed as a reinforced concrete skeleton construction with braced staircases and braced lift shafts. In the western building, the walls on the ground floor and basement must be designed as contiguous pile walls due to the different usage requirements. This is executed in the transition to the 1st basement with "wall-like beams". In the eastern building, the different supporting structure from the living area to the Manufakturwerk requires a beam construction to transfer loads from the above wall slabs to the column support system of the hall. The façade is basically designed as a co-supporting perforated façade in order to form the cantilevered parts of the building. All the plans are produced by Schüssler-Plan in a continuous, spatial 3D model to optimise the supporting structure, details and planning.

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Technical Specification

Above-ground GFA: 26,886 m²
Underground GFA: 6,650 m²
Total GFA: 33,536 m²
Dwellings: 178
Car parking bays: 132

Services Schüßler-Plan

Building Construction and Structural Design

  • Structural design (building construction)

Structural Physics

  • Thermal simulation
  • Energy consulting
  • Thermal building physics
  • Building and room acoustics

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