Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg BER
© David Altrath

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)


Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg BER
© Marcus Bredt
Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg BER
© David Altrath
Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg BER
© David Altrath

The BER project began for Schüßler-Plan in 2004 with the land-side development of all road and bridge structures. Berlin Brandenburg Airport BER went into service on 31 October 2020. As the only planning office, we supervised the project from start to finish with a number of different service profiles. In 2015, we were awarded the contract for the general design services of the passenger terminal up to its commissioning.

As early as 2012, the FBB commissioned Schüßler-Plan with the interim general planning and design planning responsibility for the passenger terminal to conform with building regulations. The project consisted of the following main core tasks:

  • Design organisation
  • Design planning
  • Structural design
  • Technical building systems
  • Structural physics
  • Guidance and orientation system
  • Design management and documentation
  • Preparing the building applications, approval procedures, processing conditions
  • Designing the interfaces, e.g. to the railway station, transport facilities and tenants
  • Commissioning management
  • Preparing the completion notification including all documents

In addition to the overall responsibility as general planner for the passenger terminal, Schüßler-Plan was also responsible in this major project for the structural design of the passenger terminal T1, for construction and project management services for third-party investment structures, for planning and supervising the construction roads on the airport site and for designing land-side surface facilities and open spaces.

The fact that the major project could be brought to a positive conclusion in the end despite all the challenges, hurdles and setbacks, is a triumph of genuine teamwork. In the 16 years of the project involving our general planning activities, we have worked with over 50 subcontractors, provided services with more than 400 employees and developed and coordinated several hundred individual design issues.

Project Data


Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH


Berlin, Brandenburg

Technical Specifications

Complete terminal (FGT) and pier areas: 360,000 m² gross floor area
Terminal access road approx. 550 m long
Terminal: Length: 220 m, width: 180 m, height: 32 m, 33,000 m²
Roof area 49,000 m²
Glass façades
Concrete 160,000 m³
Reinforcing steel 30,000 t
Construction steel for steel constructions 9,000 t
Main pier: Length: 715 m; 16 passenger boarding bridges
North pier: Length: 350 m, 12 walk boarding positions
South pier: Length: 350 m, 9 passenger boarding bridges
Pavilions: for additional security controls on both sides of the terminal

Services Schüßler-Plan

Building Construction and Structural Design

  • Structural design (building construction)
  • (Structural) fire protection

Project Management

  • Project control
  • Project controlling
  • Cost and schedule management
  • Risk management
  • Contracting management oder tendering management

Lead Consulting


Other Subprojects

Terminal T2: Project control, BIM management
Extension of GFA: General planning

© Marcus Bredt

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg BER

© David Altrath

Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg BER
© David Altrath


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