University Wuppertal
On a building plot with a difference elevation of 20 m, a gradient up to 70° and rock spurs up to 10 m a new construction is built on campus Grifflenberg. The building under construction consists of two body shells for the subjects Chemistry, Biology, Mechanical Engineering and Safety Engineering. The 6-storey-reinforced construction building is formed by a 7 m overhang. The conceptual design is from SOP Architects and was developed in co-operation with Schüßler-Plan. After finishing the placing of concrete of the roof construction with its pre-stressed overhanging girder in December 2014, the hydraulic auxiliary construction located under the projection could be deepened.

Statically the pressure props were converted into pull props by lowering the hydraulic presses. These pull props guide the load into the pre-stressed roof girder. The concept of static was designed by Schüßler-Plan. The load-cut is carried-out through the roof girder into the inner support. A balance beam makes sure that the needed balance of the system can be ensured trough the opposed pull props in the inner courtyard.




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Berlin. Extension Marie-Elisabeth-Lueders House
With the extension of Marie-Elisabeth Lueders House in Berlin the belt between the government districts is completed. Arriving from Luisenstraße you now can see a representative main-entrance which is newly formed. Within the extension will be 330 new offices for representatives, a public exhibition area, a public reading room of the parliament´s archive, a cafeteria for employees and representatives and several meeting rooms. The prominent sign of this extension is a tower with a length of 36 m. While following the daily routine within the parliament and library the hall leading to the meeting area will be reinforced. Furthermore a public bistro will be integrated on site of the Spree River. Schüßler-Plan is responsible for the extension for project management levels 2 to 5. Fields of action A to D referred to AHO.



HafenCity Hamburg. Mandate for implentation planning of U4 station Elbbrücken
Schüßler-Plan holds the mandate for the detailed design for the new U4 station Elbbrücken. Line U4 already connects Hamburg´s city centre and Hafencity in the western part of Hamburg. The exploitation of the eastern quartiers and Elbbrücken will be finished until 2018. gmp Architect´s are responsible for the draft for the exterior supporting reinforced concrete construction holding an inner glasfacade. The station has a lenght of 160 m and a width of 35 m. It will be constructed with four bridge counter bearings and will be based on cast-in place driven concrete piles, large bored piles and full displacement piles.

Schüßler-Plan Dialogue


Meet us at IKOM BAU in Munich
January 22nd, 2015:
We will represent Schüßler-Plan at IKOM Fare at Technical University (TU) in Munich. Your are welcome to drop-by and get to know your future and persepctive as a civil engineer at Schüßler-Plan!


plan # 3

The third issue of our corporate magazine plan has been released beginning of October. plan # 3 is dealing with all aspects of projectmanagement.



1st Construction Management Day Ruhr, TU DARMSTADT
February 24th, 2015:
Chairs in Construction Firm and Real Estate Industry of Universities Dortmund, Bochum, Wuppertal and Duisburg-Essen will organise the first Construction Management Day Ruhr. Topics will be 'Prevention of extra-costs' and 'Avoiding a delay of construction time at large-scale projects'. Intention of the day will be to discuss these ambitious and brand new topics with experts from the building- and real estate industry. Additionally, Dipl.-Ing.(equal to MSc) Wolfgang Wassmann will give a lecture on successful large-scale projects which were supported by integral planning processes.