U4 Elbbrücken U4 Elbbrücken

Planning for an elevated station in a flood risk zone
The Elbbrücken station is on the U4 underground line. It comprises three building parts, the “North Station”, the “South Station” and the “Elbbrücken piles” which are all interconnected by separate steel structures. The North Station has a full basement floor housing the service and utility equipment. The station is a striking architectural structure roofed over by a 16 m high station concourse made of glass and steel. In future, up to 20,000 people a day are expected in the tube-shaped glass structure.
Schüßler-Plan performed the planning of the complete deep foundations and reinforced steel substructures to support the steel bridges and steel roof. The special challenge with the foundations was when old structures were found in the southern part of the station. This required a recalculation of the foundations during project execution. Another peculiarity is that the South Station is also used as the foundation for the longitudinal displacement of the railway bridge above Zweibrückenstrasse. This is a proposal specified by the construction company.
The new station is intended to form a key railway junction at the Elbbrücken bridge. The new connection will provide commuters from the south of Hamburg with a second route to the city centre, providing relief for the main Hamburg railway station.

Complex foundations close to the adjacent quay walls
The twin-track, 155 m long elevated station sits on deep foundations. The plans for the deep foundations of the Elbbrücken piles and the South Station had to take account of the anchors of the existing quay wall and the quay wall in the southern section of the construction area. Execution work involved the use of 154 in-situ concrete piles (approx. 16 m long), 194 in-situ solid displacement piles (approx. 20 m long) and 33 large-bore piles (150 diameter). The piles represent the foundation elements for the entire surface station. The auxiliary construction measures included a conventional cantilevered beam lining as well as an internally braced sheet pile cofferdam with recesses for the existing anchors in the quay wall. The sheet pile cofferdam was vertically sealed by an underwater concrete base back-anchored to the large-bore piles.

Structural engineering for the “Skywalk” foundations
Schüßler-Plan was also commissioned by Hochbahn AG with the structural engineering for the foundations of the glass pedestrian bridge. The skywalk, which is 65 m long and weighs 70 t, is directly connected to the U4 station roof and will connect the future Elbbrücken underground metro station to the S-Bahn suburban railway station of the same name. It creates a weather-protected crossover at a height of about 9 m to enable railway passengers to transfer between the two railway stations. The skywalk is fully glazed to the floor by a total of 300 glass panes. The exact date for lifting work was scheduled three years in advance since the Freihafen Elbe bridge and the rail traffic running on the lower level had to be closed to permit installation work.

Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG

HafenCity Hamburg

gmp Architekten

Technical specifications

Station: two exterior platforms each 210 metres long and 6 metres wide
Roof: 1,200 glass panes each weighing 250 kg, 242 steel parts, 20 rows of purlins
Skywalk: 300 glass panes, 65 m long at a height of 9 m, total weight: 180 t

Services provided by Schüßler-Plan
Structural engineering (deep foundations and reinforced steel structures)
Special services for foundations and substructures

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U4 Elbbrücken
U4 Elbbrücken

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