Integral cooperation of planning, construction and project management
In Sankt Augustin, the east-west junction between Bonner Straße and the “Markt” road is being developed in the course of building a new shopping mall and the forecast increased traffic volume. It is part of the general conversion concept “Urbane Mitte” (Urban Center) and is being implemented to relieve the existing road network as the first non-controlled crossing of the urban railway route in the urban area. The section runs under an existing two-track urban railway section, which is led over a newly constructed 35 m-long bridge. The 1,200-ton integral structure, which was constructed next to the track, was pushed to its final position in mid-October 2016 with the help of a novel process and the use of 16 hydraulic presses in precision work lasting approximately three hours, as well as by using the integral collaboration of planning, construction and project management.

A bridge for bicycles was also built to the west, parallel to the urban railway bridge. Both bridges were designed as haunched, rectangular concrete frame structures that were reinforced without tension. The usable clearance width is 13 m at a right angle to the road. The integral structures have a flat foundation so that it was possible to build the bridges next to their final position and insert them as finished structures within a very short time. This ensured that the tracks were closed off for as little time as possible. 

To perform the move, both bridge structures were coupled to each other at the foundation. While the eastern wing walls were monolithically connected to the structure and inserted together with the bridges, the western wing walls were designed as tangential bored pile walls. The bored pile wall was made before the two bridges were moved. For a visually pleasing appearance, a front shell that monolithically adjoins the head beam of the bored pile wall was poured in place in front of the bored pile wall. On the bridge, edge caps in which a cable duct is integrated were placed to the right and left of the two tracks. The sides are bordered by a stile bar. Paving stones were laid on the bicycle pathway. The sides here are bordered by a filled rod guardrail. To the east of the bridge structures, the east-west junction required a support wall for a length of approx. 42.0 m. This was implemented as an overlapping pile wall due to the production conditions.

The east-west junction is scheduled to be completed in March 2017.

Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs GmbH
Infrastructure Management

Sankt Augustin

Technical Details
Usable width: 8.34 m (city railway bridge) and 4.00 m (bicycle path bridge)
Usable breadth: 13 m
Crossing angle of 84 gon
Supporting wall: L= 42 m
Length of traffic infrastructure: 211 m

Services provided by Schüßler-Plan
Property planning for civil engineering structures: work phases 3 to 8 according to HOAI
Property planning for traffic infrastructure: work phases 3 to 8 according to HOAI
Planning of structural framework: work phases 3 to 6 according to HOAI
Special services
Duct and line rerouting
Local construction supervision
Line intersections
Intersections under traffic routes
Route planning
Traffic management during construction
Construction without interrupting operations

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