VITRUV is a developer of design tools, which are aimed at increasing urban safety in the face of potential dangers. The tools are tested in exemplary settings for compatibility with the urban requirements of functionality, aesthetics and quality of life.
Working in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, the Ernst Mach Institute, we offer quantitative analyses of the criticality of existing structures and are developing and proving new structural concepts to protect critical infrastructural structures and buildings.
The aim of the ELASSTIC research project is to improve the safety and resilience of large, multifunctional buildings. To this aim methods and tools are developed to ensure that all aspects of safety such as evacuation measures are taken into account in building designs and included from the very beginning.
The SKRIBT-PLUS Research Association prepares analyses, procedures, measures and recommendations for road-building authorities to ensure safety for users, to protect the structures and to guarantee the continued availability of the infrastructure.

A research project based on a series of tests was started in 2006 in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Ernst Mach Institute and the University of Kassel to test the stability of high-rise buildings including those built with ultra-stable concrete, following impact from aeroplanes.



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