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As an engineering services provider, we have always practised cooperative collaboration based on partnership. It is also part of our claim and self-image to proactively shape changes and digital processes in order to offer our clients planning services at the latest state of the art. Indeed, digitalisation is making rapid inroads in the construction industry. Our strategy therefore goes far beyond the mere use of BIM work methodology and the benefits of digital 3-dimensional building models. We have given our “Digital Networking” department the assignment to continuously question, expand and optimise our digital working and planning processes. Besides our original project work as engineers, it equally affects our company-wide knowledge transfer as well as our e-learning programmes, internal and external corporate communication and dialogue with our customers.

As we digitalised our work methodology, tools and processes early on, we are now capable of shaping our collaboration and paths of communication flexibly, efficiently and tailored to the needs of our clients, even in times of social distancing.

Cloud-based Project Work and Collaborative Work Culture

Our project work is now mainly cloud-based centred on CDEs (Common Data Environments). All employees involved in planning have shared access to project data and documents in a cloud. They have the possibility of working in parallel regardless of location, resulting in enhanced efficiency in the planning process. It simplifies collaboration and avoids the duplication of work and errors. Storing project data in a cloud also leads to a more proactive, intensive and collaborative work culture.

© Theodor Barth

© Theodor Barth

Digitalisation has become ubiquitous and irreversible in civil engineering business processes. In order to ensure that Germany continues to be competitive on global markets, it is vital that the Federal government provides its support through the ministries of transportation and construction. On the other hand, we need active industrial partners such as Schüßler Plan to continue joint research, development and implementation of digitalisation processes in order to set new paradigms.
Dr.-Ing. Jan Tulke, Managing Director, planen-​​bauen 4.0 GmbH

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